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Wes Barton Promoted to Commercial Manager

Congratulations to Wes Barton, the new Commercial Manager for IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions! Wes has an extensive background in sales and technical applications within the abrasive etching and machining industries. He first started with IKONICS in 2015 as the West Coast Technical Sales Rep for the IKONICS Imaging division, achieving a 22% increase in sales for his designated territory in the first full year after he accepted the position. Exceedingly, Wes quickly moved his way up to National Sales Coordinator in 2016 where he worked more closely with the National Sales Director to help manage divisions throughout all of North America. While working for IKONICS Imaging he was the primary idea person alongside developer, Mel Washington, from CADlink Technology Corporation to help develop a computer software program known as S3 – Simple Sandcarve Software. The software was designed to help professional sandcarving specialists create artwork specifically meant for etching with abrasive media.


Promoted to IKONICS AMS division in February 2019 as Senior Application & Sales Specialist, Wes has positively impacted and improved the sales process for AMS by helping to achieve the divisions highest single-quarter sales (Q1 2020) in the history of AMS. Working for IKONICS for only 5 ½ years, Wes is now onto his third promotion. What an amazing accomplishment and the hard work shows! Now assuming the position as Commercial Manager, Wes handles key division operations including day-to-day management of the work team, sales process, customer quoting and workflow while finding ways to make the division more productive and increasing quality standards. Wes is also the primary contact for all IKONICS AMS customers and will continue to work on expanding sales opportunities for their Precision Abrasive Machining process into the composite and wafer industries.



Looking Forward Statement

“I would like to thank everyone at IKONICS who has helped me along this path over the last five years. Without their support I would not be where I am today. I am excited for this new opportunity to grow our business and expand our reach into the composite and wafer markets. I have always believed that people make the best decisions when they are fully educated on a specific topic and my goal is to reach as many people in the industry as possible to help increase their knowledge of what PAM® (Precision Abrasive Maching) is and how it can benefit their company. “ – Wes Barton, Commercial Manager