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Noise-Reduction & Slot Perforations


Boeing and NASA Studies on Low-Drag and Low-Noise Engine Feature Beats Expectations

Growing demands for quieter aircrafts drive new studies


As the aerospace industry demand for quieter aircrafts increases, noise-reduction concepts are being tested by NASA and Boeing. In an article published in the September 3rd issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology, Guy Norris delves into how these experimental tests could impact the industry going forward. Norris discusses how an enhanced honeycomb core with new liner perforations shapes shows promising results. He goes on to describe how “the face sheet incorporates elongated slot-shaped perforations arranged perpendicular to the flow instead of the round holes in current designs” was tested with the low-drag configuration.

IKONICS Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM) can perforate slots in acoustic liners without the challenges associated with traditional machining. IKONICS technology can support a variety of precise features, shapes, and sizes in composite materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass without delamination, stress or pulled fibers.

For more information on the PAM Process contact Wes Barton, Senior Application & Sales Specialist at (218) 624-6451 or wbarton@ikonics.com


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IKONICS AMS Featured in the October Issue of DNT Extra


DNT Extra is the Duluth News Tribune’s biannual publication, focusing on a different topic each issue. The focus of the October 2018 Issue, “What We Make: Artisans & Industry,” featured a variety of local businesses that contribute to the artisan experience in Duluth, MN. In the article on IKONICS, John Lundy explains how AMS has worked to create a global image. Bill Ulland, the current president, chairman and CEO of IKONICS, states, “Ikonics has customers far and wide, and is a net exporter to China… with 21 U.S. patents and 21 foreign patents to its credit, and others pending.”

Excerpt from the article:

“[IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions (AMS)], devoted primarily to Ikonics’ aviation sector, is supervised by Sue Boudrie, who served for 21 years in the Air Force and came to Ikonics from Mesa, Ariz., where she worked for a company that supplies Boeing.

The aviation component uses a photo-imagible film to create custom-made masks for a manufacturer’s engine lining, Boudrie explained. Through a sandblasting process, it creates micro-holes in the liner that serve to reduce both noise and drag. Ikonics’ customers include suppliers for the Airbus A320 and to Bombardier.”