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cnc degree from lake superior college

Meet Our Senior Robotic Technician


matt gildner senior robotic technicianMatt Gildner is the Senior Robotic Technician at IKONICS AMS. He has been working at AMS since 2017. Each day is different for Matt, as he handles everything from fixture design, robotics, programming, fabrication, set-up and more. “We are extremely lucky to have Matt in our department,” stated Sue Boudrie, Operations Manager for AMS. “He is an asset to our team who brings a unique perspective to the division.”

Matt graduated from Lake Superior College (LSC) with a CNC Programmer AAS degree. At LSC, Matt learned CNC programming, machining, welding and CAD design. He was recently featured on LSC’s website as an alum of the CNC Programmer AAS Degree Program.

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What Does A Senior Robotic Technician Do?

IKONICS AMS uses Precision Abrasive Machining to produce holes, slots and patterns in composite materials using aluminum oxide grit. As the Senior Robotic Technician, Matt programs and operates the robot that creates these perforation patterns. “People think robots are taking over all these jobs,” stated Matt. “Robots only do what someone tells them to do, so there are always highly trained humans behind robot production.”


CNC Degree at Lake Superior College

The Lake Superior College machine tool lab in Duluth, MN offers students some of the nation’s most advanced Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. All kinds of things are made with CNC technology, including high tech equipment like medical supplies, computers and airplanes. The CNC Machine Programmer AAS Degree at LSC is designed to prepare the student to get a job as a CNC Machinist, CNC Programmer or CNC Technician. If you are interested in a CNC degree, contact LSC today.


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