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Difference between sandblasting vs. abrasive machining

It is common to think of sandblasting in terms of a tool or process to remove rust or clean parts, essentially roughening up a surface.  What is not typically considered is how sandblasting is also a refined process that can be used to cut many non-metallic substrates. The enhanced sandblasting process that IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions (AMS) uses, is known as PAM, or Precision Abrasive Machining®.

Companies contact IKONICS AMS for a variety of reasons, such as weight reduction, acoustic dampening, detailed patterns, cavities or slots, mesas, pockets, or logos.

Some of the products processed with PAM include:

•  Aircraft Engine Liners
•  Custom Vehicle & Building Interior Panels
•  Vehicle Fenders & Parts
•  Prosthetic Limb Enhancement
•  Pocket Wafers
•  Business Cards & Office Supplies
•  Covers for LED Lighting
•  Screen & Vent Replacements
•  Solar Panels
•  High-end Bicycling Wheels
•  Badminton Rackets
•  Hockey Sticks

The precise perforations possible using the PAM process can be applied to a wide variety of different industries, whether it be: aerospace, electronics, solar power, bio-medical areas, and more. Materials serviced using PAM, include glass, quartz, sapphire, graphite, alumina, silicon carbide, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and many different composite materials. As long as the material is brittle, it can be machined in this manner. Contact us for further details at 1-800-328-4261 ext. 352