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AMS Dedicated To Performance


With the help of our committed management team, outstanding team leaders, and the participation of everyone on the floor, IKONICS AMS is dedicated to the highest standards of performance within the Aerospace industry.


As anyone in the Aerospace industry can attest, on-time delivery is critical to the Aerospace supply chain. Seventy percent of parts of a modern commercial aircraft are furnished by suppliers such as AMS and rigorous delivery requirements are needed to support major integrators, such as Boeing and AirBus. On-time delivery to our customers is a priority at AMS.

Bill Ulland, IKONICS CEO, stated, “AMS, our aerospace and electronic wafer business unit, posted record revenues [this quarter] and was up 474% over the same quarter of last year. Ninety-two percent of our aerospace sales are under long-term agreements. Because of their complex and inter-dependent supply chains, these customers demand on-time delivery.”

AMS is continually looking for ways to embrace change, reduce waste and increase production, while also offering attention to detail and commitment to our customer needs. This doesn’t happen without a workforce dedicated to the highest standards of performance.


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About the IKONICS Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM) Process

PAM is a state-of-the-art technology for machining a variety of features or shapes in brittle materials such as glass wafers, ceramics and COMPOSITES in the AEROSPACE Industry where it is critical to ensure low stress impartation to the substrates — thereby eliminating:

  • • Drill bit wear/tearing and exit hole burrs due to mechanical drilling (no heat build-up)
  • • Stresses that can cause internal (unseen) delamination & damage with mechanical drilling
  • • Burnishing and distortions from laser drilling (where delamination often occurs)
  • • Layer delamination associated with Water-Jet processes (wet process)

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IKONICS Supported Customers

IKONICS proudly supports customers who use non-traditional composite machining capabilities in their manufacturing. Here is a list of our supported customers.

  • • General Electric
  • • Bell Helicopter
  • • Pratt & Whitney GTF Engines
  • • Airbus
  • • Bombardier
  • • Mitsubishi
  • • Embraer
  • • Boeing
  • • Honeywell
  • • NIST
  • • Rolls Royce Engines

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With headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota, IKONICS® Corporation has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing imaging technology products and industrial solutions to customers for over 65 years. The core strength of our business is bringing ‘unique imaging solutions’ to the world. As such, our success begins with our ability to work across the company’s business units to meet the needs of our customers. Through Chromaline Screen Print Products, IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions, IKONICS Imaging, IKONICS DTX technology and IKONICS Export, the industries served include:

  • • Aerospace
  • • Screen-printing
  • • Awards and giftware
  • • Automotive
  • • Printed electronics
  • • Prototyping
  • • More

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