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AMS Wafer schematics

Precision Abrasive Machining

precision abrasive machining

Precision Abrasive Machining® (PAM) is a new technology for machining glass, silicon, ceramics and other advanced materials.

Design With Precision
Precision Abrasive Machining offers an alternative, cost effective service for a maximum level of accuracy. Design features are positioned and sized within microns. There are multiple benefits and features that outperform traditional machining methods. Click Here to learn more about the benefits of Precision Abrasive Machining.

Versatile Capabilities
Precision Abrasive Machining is excellent for simultaneous production of through-holes, blind holes, cavities, and other geometric features over large surface areas. This is particularly true for array patterns where multiple holes and/or other features are required.

PAM is a non-traditional machining process is best suited for nonductile, brittle materials. The following is a partial list of materials compatible with Precision Abrasive Machining:

  • • Carbon Fiber
  • • Fiberglass
  • • Kevlar®
  • • CMC’s
  • • Silicon Carbide
  • • Sapphire
  • • Glass
  • • Alumina
  • • Graphite
  • • Many Others

precision abrasive machining wafer