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Sampe Conference and Exhibit


Sampe Conference and Exhibition

IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions (AMS) wrapped up a successful show at SAMPE on May 21-24, 2018 in Long Beach, CA. SAMPE’s Spring Conference and Exhibition is the only technical conference and exhibition exclusively dedicated to advanced materials and processes. Over 250 exhibiting companies showcased their products and solutions during this event. Furthermore, the technical conference features the latest technologies and research advancements in the industry. With over 4,000 attendees, SAMPE is a great opportunity to meet with the industry’s most influential decision makers.

Watch Tim Bergstrom with IKONICS AMS live at SAMPE!

Precision Abrasive Machining
IKONICS AMS exhibit displayed perforated materials demonstrating the IKONICS Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM) process, a non-traditional machining process. PAM can support a diverse array of features in materials, such as: carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar®, CMC’s, silicon carbide, sapphire, glass, alumina, graphite and many others.

PAM advantages include:

  • • Perforations in any shape
  • • High precision repeat-ability
  • • No stress or defects common in conventional machining
  • • Complex curve capabilities
  • • Flexible & rapid design changes
  • • No secondary machining processes needed
  • • Perforations have clean edges with no burrs, spurs, burning or pulled fibers
  • • Acoustical sound & weight reduction benefits to composites

For more information on IKONICS AMS and the IKONICS PAM process, please Click Here.