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AIAA SciTech San Diego AMS

  2019 AIAA SciTech Forum & Expo in San Diego   Join the largest event for aerospace research, development, and technology in the world! Nearly 4,000 people from over 1,300 organizations attend the AIAA SciTech Forum & Expo. AIAA SciTech covers the science, technologies, policies, and regulations that are shaping the future of aerospace. AIAA […]

IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions
Noise-Reduction & Slot Perforations

  Boeing and NASA Studies on Low-Drag and Low-Noise Engine Feature Beats Expectations Growing demands for quieter aircrafts drive new studies   As the aerospace industry demand for quieter aircrafts increases, noise-reduction concepts are being tested by NASA and Boeing. In an article published in the September 3rd issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology, […]

acoustic liner drag slots PAM process
Acoustic Liner Drag and The PAM Process

  NASA and Boeing Tests Confirm Using Slots In Acoustic Liners Reduces Drag and Noise Tests are focused on industry demand for better fuel economy and less aircraft noise   NASA examined several thru-hole configurations and determined that slots instead of traditional round holes in the acoustic liner (with air passing perpendicular to the slots) […]

Join AMS at CAMX Dallas Texas 2018

  2018 Composites & Advanced Materials Expo in Dallas   CAMX, Composites & Advanced Materials Expo, features robust conference programming that highlights strength, collaboration, and innovation in order to foster growth and engagement for the composites and advanced materials industry. CAMX is the largest, most comprehensive composites and advanced materials event for products, solutions, networking, […]

IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions
AMS Dedicated To Performance

  With the help of our committed management team, outstanding team leaders, and the participation of everyone on the floor, IKONICS AMS is dedicated to the highest standards of performance within the Aerospace industry.   As anyone in the Aerospace industry can attest, on-time delivery is critical to the Aerospace supply chain. Seventy percent of […]

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