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Sept 12-14 | Orlando, FL | Booth #D44


IKONICS AMS is a leader in non-traditional machining solutions


Our Process allows us to machine carbon fiber, Kevlar®, Fiberglass, and Ceramics.


Ability to machine through holes and features to depth on sapphire wafers and other brittle substrates. Shapes can include circles, slots, and pockets.


Precision Abrasive Machining® is a process that only IKONICS AMS can produce.

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Sept 26-28 | Fort Worth, TX | Booth #911

IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions

IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions uses Precision Abrasive Machining® (PAM), a non-traditional machining process. PAM can support a diverse array of features in materials, such as; carbon fiber, fiberglass, silicon, ceramics, Kevlar®, Borofloat® and sapphire. PAM advantages include perforations in any shape, high precision repeat-ability, no stress or defects common in conventional machining, complex curve capabilities, flexible & rapid design changes, no secondary machining processes needed & perforations have clean edges with no burrs, spurs, burning or pulled fibers. PAM also provides acoustical sound & weight reduction benefits to composites.

  • Precision Perforations
  • High Resolutions
  • Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 and ITAR Compliant
  • Fast Material Removal Rate
  • Capable of Creating Precision Patterns
  • Capable of Creating Non-Circular/Irregular Perforation Designs
  • Flexible for Curved Surfaces
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC’s)
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Kevlar®
  • Graphite
  • Alumina Silicate
  • Glass
  • Fiber Glass
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Many Others
  • Aerospace
    • Hush Kits
    • Thrust Reverser Acoustic Panels
    • Composite Inlets
    • Blocker Doors
    • Jet Engine Intake Cowls
    • Jet Engine Aft Liners
  • Electronics
    • MEMS Wafers
    • Wafer Chucks